Mi primer perro cachorro en casa

Before you bring a puppy home!

We all agree that having a new four-legged member in the home is the most fantastic idea in the world, (or well, almost everyone) but what few people question is whether they are prepared for it.

Because it sounds nice, but it can be perfectly compared to bringing a baby home...(chan chan chan)

... now if you raise your hand who wants a baby!?  

Well, there is the question because surely you will have an acquaintance, friend, relative or neighbor who has been or is going through that situation of having a baby, and I want you to think if of all those people who are going to be parents, do you know of someone who I have NOT searched for information, read books, seen tutorials, ASKED PROFESSIONALS, and even gone to courses where future first-time parents are informed and learn how to receive and raise that new person in the best way. Well, this is reality, friends, and having a dog at home is like having a baby, whether you like it or not, because you eat, throw away, play, break, get sick, get hurt, put everything in your mouth, and of course You can't leave them alone... and above all, THEY ARE FOR LIFE, that's why I don't like babies ? life


Starting with the small print, I WILL MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT A DOG IS NOT A TOY, that can be discarded when you no longer want it, and if that really happens I hope you have gone to heaven because we do not expect you to be half as faithful as him but if at least you respect his loyalty.

...Continuing with the theme that I easily stray, we have to be honest with ourselves, we want to bring a dog because our home is happy, and we can give it a better life, or I am being driven by my inner angels and demons and I want to play unbridled with someone when I get home and who is waiting for me happy, and who loves me and misses me? Let me clarify that this idea is SELFISH. That doesn't mean it's going to go wrong, but it doesn't look good.

To bring a new life to your home, there should be at least a harmony with you and your environment, if what you have is an emotional problem, first solve it, because after the four legs go through the door you will not have time for it, and you will eat 2 browns instead of one.

Now, following the line of thought of obtaining, ask yourself and the members of the house if they are willing to make the family bigger. Since the rudder of the boat is not carried by just one, but by all those who are in the home sharing, playing, feeding, and taking it out for a walk. And everyone in the house must do it, from the little ones (if it's a baby please don't eh) but if they are 4 or 5 and older depending on their skill it is important Even "Yaya" who knows how to go slowly at her own pace. Everyone must interact with him following the same protocol, if yes, it is yes for everyone, and the same with NO, it is no for everyone (this is in case he gets on the sofa) It is highly important to understand that the dog can behave differently depending on who you are with. An example that everyone will have seen or heard at some time, "the dog gets off the sofa when the Pope" (aka Big Boss) comes home, and surely he didn't even open his mouth, he just walked through the door. Well that friends, is a learned behavior. If we all act together, we help the dog in the same way, we avoid conflicts and confusion that only harm him, because "mom" does let him get on the sofa but "dad" doesn't.

After obtaining the resolution of whether we all agree and that we must all do our part, we are left to ask:

Are we fit to face a new member?

It may sound unimportant, until you start to see what it means to have a furry at home, and to see an average family in Spain spend almost €70 per month, (of course depending on factors such as the breed of the dog or the brand or type of food) but the list does not end here, it only begins.

Babies don't get sick? puppies too and they have parasites and infections, just like people, I'm going to tell you that an average family spends between €70 and €200 a year if everything goes moderately well (with mandatory expenses for vaccines and microchips) and don't forget that deworming Is it stipulated every 3 months?οΏ° οΎŸοΎ™οΎ„Now if you have an accident, let's not even take accounts. Although it is true that there are pet insurances that help a lot in these cases.

In short, this issue is settled, a home dog does not live on the air and nature, unless you are like my father's dog "Kitty" who ate all the apples and other fruits from home and from the neighbor, that's Yes, it encourages to be healthier, what a beautiful thing that your dog eats fruit... I still wonder how it was that that dog with so much fruit and vegetables looked like the polar bear from Coca-Cola.


Let's continue that I deviate, well assuming the expenses that as we said we may have a good run and not get out of line we will move to the field of responsibilities.

You as a person have your schedules, maybe you work, maybe you eat, maybe you go to the gym, maybe you go out on a bike, but most likely you have a routine more or less done and that you follow it daily. Well, it should be the same with dogs, but not because I say so, it's for their health. The dog needs to know what is going to happen, because if there is something that drives him crazy, it is not knowing it, and the thermal key of anxiety jumps on him. So the more controlled and timed everything is with respect to your life, the better, and I mean mainly your meals, your walks (leisure and elimination) and the same with your sleeping hours. There is nothing more relaxing for the dog than not having to worry about what will have to be done, because he already knows it. I assure you that it is a relief for him.

Now that I touch on the topic of leisure outings and elimination, as well as if it were commercial advertising, I take this opportunity to remind you that walking with your dog is about HIM. I mean, the walk is his moment of the day, it's his 15"/30"/45" minutes of fame, they're his and for him. You're not going to walk alone and look at your phone and take the dog along, you you go out "To get him out" so as a lover of happy dogs I highly recommend that if you want to smell the 34 variations of flowers that there are from the moment you left your house to the first corner, let himeeeeeee! It's his time! He won't do it much Because surely he already has more than sniffed at those... but now as a lover and trainer I also recommend that you teach him when it's time for freedom, play and lust and when you have to be a gentleman.


Mentioning the outings again, it has come to my mind that not all people are aware of the need for a dog, as such. It is true that the vitality and energy that the sharp-legged jaw that you will bring home has depends on genetic factors, where the breed is touched, and of course the age and its size. But it's a dog and therefore it has 2 more legs than you, so it will need to move them more than you move two to be happy. With that reasoning we have already gained some ground. I mean, find out well, not only about what dog you want, but also about whether you can satisfy its needs because sadly because of this small but at the same time giant failure, many dogs end up abandoned or euthanized due to behaviors that they develop as a result of not channeling their energy correctly.

And if you have come this far, you deserve applause! Because it means that you believe in yourself, that you have all the faith in the world to get ahead in this mission. And it is not for less because we have evaluated from "emotional, psychological, economic and even moral" points but we are missing something; say all this with other words. This new life that you plan to bring to be part of your family, will go through a radical change in his life, where now (if he comes from a standard family nucleus) his brothers (or perhaps one) or his mother will not be there, so you will be your your new GUIDE, LEADER or SENSEI as you like to designate yourself. You will become their source of resources and in turn their most precious resource. But well known is the adage: "with great power comes great responsibility" that as much as I think of the sword of Damocles, it makes me feel better to think of Uncle Ben. [Pfff Ramblings] But if you do it the least bit right, you will get a true FAITHFUL FRIEND, who has a Captain's bracelet with the phrase "Absolute loyalty" sewn by hand, who will never leave you alone, nor will he abandon you and above all will take care of your home, you and your family.


I want to briefly touch on the issue of whether it is better to adopt than to buy.

If you know that you need a qualified dog with certain characteristics to fulfill defined functions, we are facing a case that is ethically suitable for purchase, but it does not mean that you can find a great specimen that fulfills those functions in a kennel, perhaps not 100% but if it does not interrupt your mission, it could be valued.

Now, if you do not have a specific goal for the dog and you are looking for a companion animal, or a puppy, you can always adopt and make the life of a dog that has not been so lucky.


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