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XTRM Neoprene Dog Leash

XTRM Neoprene Dog Leash

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We bring you a piece of XTRM Neon dog leash, durable, comfortable and safe for your walks. Made of high-quality nylon for connoisseurs like you!

With one side padded and lined with neoprene, it is IDEAL for playful dogs as it prevents chafing. In addition, it has a stainless steel carabiner for greater firmness and security necessary when your angel loses its mind.

We have your ideal leash and it is perfect to give a sporty and modern touch to your walks.

We have different colors to match the XTRM nylon collars, find the one that best identifies with your dog's personality and yours! The XTRM Neon nylon leash is suitable for all dogs!

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